The dental labor market in the united states

Iranian dentists must have high English language proficiency to pass the USMLE exam to enter the United States’ dental job market. This test has three stages, the second stage of which consists of two parts in practice. Although the US Medical and Dental Qualification Test is difficult, Iranian dentists who… Read more »

Immigration of Iranian dentist to Toronto, Canada

The Canadian government has a job listing that prioritizes jobs, and if they face a lack of labor at times, they will accept immigrants in those jobs. This list includes jobs such as specialist doctors, general practitioners, family doctors, and dentists. This list makes the process of migrating to Canada… Read more »

How to access an Iranian dentist in Toronto, Canada?

Iranian dentists in Toronto have some interesting advice for those who refuse dental services just for fear and anxiety: Before choosing a dentist and a dental clinic, ask your friends and acquaintances about the best dentist and dental clinic. Finally, by analyzing the information obtained, select the best dentist. The… Read more »

Iranian Dentists Job Market in Vancouver, Canada

Canada is one of the world’s largest countries and one of the main targets for education and works for people around the world. Canada’s capital is Ottawa, and Vancouver, Montreal, and Toronto are other famous cities of this country. This country is currently accepting immigrants in various ways and has… Read more »

What is the importance of the presence of an Iranian dentist in Los Angeles?

As an Iranian dentist planning to immigrate to the United States, you may have many questions that have not yet answered. Questions such as: How do American dentists work in this country? What is the difference between the work of dentists in the United States and dentistry in Iran? How… Read more »