Long Beach • دندان پزشک ایرانی در لانگ بیچ

  • Long Beach (LB): A city in California.
  • Find an Iranian Dentist that speaks your language & knows your culture! Someone that you can trust and connect with better!

Leila Zamiri in Long Beach. Dr Leila Zamiri and her associates of Leila Zamiri DDS are happy to help you smile more often. She has gathered a team of dental specialists in her office that ensure you receive the best treatment for your dental needs. Read more…


John Aivaz | جان عیوض

+1 (562) 597-8864

John Aivaz in Long Beach. In 1982, Dr. Aivaz began teaching Endodontics at New York University Dental School as a clinical assistant professor. In the meantime, he also practiced as an Endodontist in private practices in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Long Island until 1984. Read more…


Nader Mehr | نادر مهر

+1 (562) 438-2000

Nader Mehr in Long Beach. Backed by years of education and experience, both in the US and abroad, Dr. Mehr performs a wide array of dental procedures with confidence and care, from painless extractions, to the placement of multiple implants, to difficult orthodontics cases, and full-mouth restorations. Read more…